Ransomware R ecovery

    Ransomware has grown to be one of the biggest problems on the web We are here to help !

    We can help in ransomware recovery ! 

    Ransomware is a kind of virus/malware that attacks computers and encrypts your data, making all your files inaccessible. After paying the “ransom,” hackers provide a means to decrypt the data and get back all your files.

    How to deal with encrypting ransomware:

    Disconnect your machine from any others, and from any external drives. If you're on a network, go offline. You don't want the ransomware to spread to other devices on your local network or to file-syncing services such as Dropbox.

    How can you tell if your hard drive has a Ransomware virus?

    Most or all of your files will be unreadable (they will not open). Also, the file names or extensions of your files may be different (see the list below). You will also see “ransom letters” in the form of .html or .txt files in most of your folders. These are the files that provide the links to the Tor (darknet) sites that specify the ransom amount. 

    Some ransom viruses encrypt boot-up, so the computer cannot start at all. In these cases, you will know for sure you have Ransomware because the message will pop-up during boot-up (and Windows will be completely inaccessible). 

    Examples of extensions used by Ransomware viruses:

    .R5A, .R4A, .encrypt, .locky, .clf, .lock, .cerber, .crypt, .txt, .clf, .coverton, .enigma, .czvxce, .{CRYPTENDBLACKDC}, .scl, .crinf, .crjoker, .encrypted, .code, .CryptoTorLocker2015!, .ctbl, .html, .locked, .ha3, .cry, .crime, .btc, .kkk, .fun, .gws, .keybtc@inbox_com, .kimcilware, .LeChiffre, .locky, oor., .magic, .fucked, .KEYZ, .KEYH0LES, .crypted, .cbf, .LOL!, .OMG!, .EXE, .RDM, .RRK, .RADAMANT, .kraken, .darkness, .nochance, .oshit, .oplata@qq_com, .relock@qq_com, .crypto, .helpdecrypt@ukr.net, .pizda@qq_com, .dyatel@qq_com, _ryp, .nalog@qq_com, .chifrator@qq_com, .gruzin@qq_com, .troyancoder@qq_com, .AES256, .enc, .hb15, .vscrypt, .infected, .bloc, .korrektor, .remind, .rokku, .encryptedAES, .encryptedRSA, .encedRSA, .justbtcwillhelpyou, .btcbtcbtc, .btc-help-you, .only-we_can-help_you, .sanction, .sport, .surprise, .vvv, .ecc, .exx, .ezz, .abc, .aaa, .zzz, .xyz, .micro, .xxx, .ttt, .mp3, .better_call_saul, .xtbl, .vault, .xort, .trun, .CrySiS, .EnCiPhErEd, .73i87A, .p5tkjw, .PoAr2w, .xrtn, .bitcoinrush@aol.com.xtbl, centurion_legion@aol.com.xtbl

    Our Ransomware recovery services are available for these ransomware virus and more:

    .CryptoHasYou., 7ev3n, Alpha Ransomware, AutoLocky, Bandarchor, BitCryptor, Booyah, Brazilian, BrLock, Browlock, Bucbi, BuyUnlockCode, Cerber, Chimera, Chinese Ransom, CoinVault, Coverton, Cryaki, Crybola, Cryptear, CryptFIle2, CryptInfinite, CryptoDefense, CryptoHost, CryptoJoker, CryptoLocker, CryptoMix, CryptoTorLocker2015, CryptoWall, CryptXXX, CryptXXX 2.0, CTB-Locker, CTB-Locker WEB, DeCrypt Protect, DMALocker, DMALocker 3.0, EDA2 / HiddenTear, El-Polocker, Enigma, Fakben, Fury, Gomasom, Gopher, Harasom, Hi Buddy!, HydraCrypt, iLock, iLockLight, Jigsaw, Job Crypter, JobCrypter, KeRanger, KeyBTC, KEYHolder, KimcilWare, KryptoLocker, LeChiffre, Linux.Encoder, Locker, Locky, Lortok, LowLevel04, Mabouia, Magic, MaktubLocker, MireWare, MM Locker, Mobef, NanoLocker, Nemucod, Offline ransomware, OMG! Ransomware, Operation Global III, PClock, Petya, PowerWare, RaaS, Radamant, Rakhni, Rannoh, Ransom32, Rector, RemindMe, Rokku, Samas-Samsam, Sanction, Scraper, SkidLocker / Pompous, Sport, Strictor, Surprise, SynoLocker, TeslaCrypt 0.x – 2.2.0, TeslaCrypt 3.0+, TeslaCrypt 4.1A, TeslaCrypt 4.2, TorrentLocker, Troldesh, TrueCrypter, UmbreCrypt, VaultCrypt, Virus-Encoder, Xorist, XRTN, Zlader / Russian

    There are new Ransomware viruses created every day. If your virus isn’t listed above, chances are, we can still help recover your data.